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Guild wars 2 introduction and BanGui this board

Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars 2, GW2, Guild Wars 2) is located in North America, A subsidiary of the NCsoft ArenaNet (we used to A club called) new book. Because basically not interfere NCsoft ArenaNet r&d GW2, so GW2 essence the Europe and America online. In Europe and the United States, is the most looking forward to all the players GW2 the massively multiplayer role-playing game, with high separation mmorpg. Com looking forward to the location of the first list, and cologne in Germany in 2010 and the Seattle PAX exhibition game show on won best online every award.
ArenaNet goal is: let GW2 become the best online (to make Guild Wars 2 the best MMORPG ever created).
As a Guild Wars (Guild Wars) sequel, GW2 continues the many of the features GW, but on the whole, and there are a big GW. Different from GW force of this model, GW2 will is a huge, open, continuously, have vitality, social Guild Wars 2 Gold world. In addition to the plot GW GW2 and some convergence relation outside, basically is completely different two games.
But GW2 characteristics that are consistent with GW is against traditional online. ArenaNet always emphasized that is the game can't grind. The so-called grind, refers to kill time, popularly says, is that kimchi. Playing games is to enjoy, and cheap guild wars 2 gold not going to enjoy. Therefore, in GW2, player character level and as no important GW. At the same time, in can play sex, for players designed many ArenaNet exciting things, and many other online that no new tricks: changeable weapon skill collocation, through professional skill combination, rich vitality to the dynamic interaction between the players events, every character are not all the same personal story, instead of the traditional "meat shield/damage/therapy (fighting animal husbandry)" "damage/control/auxiliary" triangle, inventive buy guild wars 2 gold and innovative dying mode, a wide variety of small game, and so on and so on. There are more information expect officials said.
If you see be used to thousands of times are online and want to experience a new things, guild wars 2 will be your best choice.
If you are tired of kimchi type of endless online upgrade, guild wars 2 will also is your best choice.

In this emphasis on the media for some of that error guild wars 2:
1, guild wars 2 business is the root ArenaNet, not NCSoft, NCSoft just the vendor. Therefore, guild wars 2 belongs to Europe and the United States game, not South Korea game, although its game is NCSoft, but it is the alternative NCSoft game, need special treatment.
2, guild wars 2 charging method is buying out the system, said it also makes sense for free, but in our country will only create misunderstandings. Play games must first one-time buy out money, and gw2 gold power leveling later didn't last expenses. The game mall has virtually no sale "props", because the sell all don't affect the balance. ArenaNet commitment is: "the game will do too difficult too pain and force players to buy things. Mall"
3, guild wars 2 after the formal operation, guild wars 1 (Europe and the United States take) will continue to operation and renewal, does not exist close service said.
4, so-called "companion NPC system" a long time ago cancel out, this is guild wars 2 not exist "system".