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Five Important Reviews Of Path Of Exile

Did you miss Diablo 2? Path of Exile is what you need. New graphics, classic elements of mechanics, which are "blurred" with modern features. Incredibly huge tree of skills, in which you can "blind" absolutely any hero. Gloomy and at the same time stunning stylistics. In this case everything, the project continues to develop actively. It is for this reason that we advise everyone to go to an isolated island to save the creatures living there and to destroy the evil.

Path of Exile is consistently expanding its strengths: in the release version, the new Scion-Class provide even more depth and variety in the already outstanding character position and introduced since our beta test challenge leagues increase the long-term motivation and experimentation. The developers have not tackled many of the weaknesses. In the story, I may also be guilty of misrepresenting an action role-playing game - but the murky game world of Path of Exile could easily do more, even without such a lavish staging that it keeps me in the way of slaughter , That worked well for Diablo 2, too. Likewise, I find that even a monster pest of the old school would have room for more inventive tasks and more versatile monster design. Friends of classic action role-playing games, who are in for a deep game mechanic, can already dare to go to Wraeclast without hesitation.

Path of Exile has nothing to envy to big productions and is, at present, a very good alternative to the genre, thanks to interesting and well integrated game mechanics. Mixing cleverly different genres, the game is aimed both at the bait of optimization and the neophyte who wants a more complete alternative to other titles. The freedom left to the players is one of the strengths of the title and promises a colossal life regularly supplied by free updates. Despite a few lags that taint the experience - especially in Hardcore - the game is a real pleasure to play, especially since it now enjoys a location entirely in French very good.

Does Path of Exile need another representative for action roleplayers? I definitely say yes. Because despite the cheeky copy of existing elements - especially from Diablo 2 - offers the Free2Play Path of Exile something that I've missed in all other games of this kind: A complex skill system with the greatest possible freedom. Clearly, this flexibility also leads to hopelessness. But this is what you learn from, feel inspired to do better with the next character. It can be argued that it might be fairer to allow players to get back their scores on a larger scale. And certainly the game could handle fine tuning, offering smaller, more varied areas. But the character system has become great and does not cost a tired cent.

Since its release, the developers of Path of Exile are constantly providing new content, and Forsaken Masters is probably the best update so far. It starts in exactly the right places: more variety, more control in crafting and, on top of that, fun extras like your own hiding place. The masters are not perfect, some of their services are a bit expensive and not every random mission hits the mark. But they are still a tangible asset to the game, regardless of whether I can put the savings of old heroes into precise crafting, or have a more varied journey through the new missions as you level up a new hero. Leagues have been more interesting, but with most of the content from the previous leagues maintained, the whole package from Path of Exile has never been better.