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12 Beginner Tips for NBA 2K23 MyTeam

MyTeam is a staple mode in NBA 2K, so for those who have first time in the franchise, here are 12 tips you should know about NBA 2K23's MyTeam mode.

1. Set Up a MyCAREER Profile First

The tip you should consider is setting up a MyCAREER game. By setting it up, you gain access to daily wheel spins. These daily wheel spins can land on virtual currency to benefit your MyTEAM journey.

2. Seasonal Goals

Season passes give the players objectives and challenges to work towards; over the year, new passes replace old ones with newer rewards and missions. There are normally 40 levels to obtain, with each level having a different reward. As this mode is free, it is highly recommended to check out and work through it to receive free packs, special player cards, 2K23 MT, and much more.

3. UseLocker Codes

A staple to My Team mode, locker codes return to NBA 2K23. They are free DLC codes from 2K that players can redeem for in-game items and rewards.

4. Exhibition Mission

The Exhibition Mode is a new addition to the already huge selection of modes in MyTeam. This mode allows players to send away parts of their team to play games overseas and earn rewards.

5. Trophy Case Awards

Another path to more rewards comes from the new Trophy Case awards. There will be 15 event cards for each NBA franchise that show key moments in the team's history. By obtaining the trophy attached to these cards, players will earn a trophy. Completing the Trophy Case will unlock a Pink Diamond player for each team.

6. Jordan Challenge

WhileJordan Challenge may seem like it has nothing to do with MyTeam mode, finishing the legendary player's career will benefit those looking to improve their squad. Collect 40 stars along the way to the 98 finals and unlock 3 boosts for MyTeam squads. The unlocks are a Jordan Coach Card, Jordan FA Card, and a 95-97 Bulls Alt Jersey, all perfect for strengthening a MyTeam lineup.

7. Offline Practice

Offline modes are available for every part of MyTeam, be it a triple threat, freestyle, or clutch time. This is the recommended way to play MyTeam for beginners.

8. Rematch Anytime

There are no player contracts for cards in NBA 2K23. This comes in very beneficial when playing in the offline modes. If the game isn't going how it should, simply restart to try again. No punishment will come as no contracts count to 0, so play on and hit rematch to make things right.

9. Save Up Your MT Coins

Don't start spending your NBA 2K23 MT Coins without any thought. Instead, grind domination games, gather as much MT as possible, and spend wisely.

10. Accept You Will Lose Some Games

You will lose games from time to time. Losing matches is inevitable. However, don't be tempted to waste all your hard-earned coins in frustration at the game. If you resist wasting MT, you will be in a great position to purchase more top players as they are released.

11. Don't Over Invest Early On

It can be extremely tempting to invest in your favorite players early on. However, this is the easiest way to waste MT.

12. Take Advantage of Rewards

When it comes to using 2K23 MT coins, the best value-for-money option is to try using reward cards as often as possible. The players at the lower levels don't cut into your MT coin stack and will immediately add value to your team.

If you stick to these NBA 2K23 MyTEAM tips and tricks, you can quickly build a better roster. For more on NBA 2K23, feel free to check out U4GM.